Top 3 Lager Recipes of 2024

We dig into the top 3 lager recipes of 2024 based on analytics from Brewgr.

Good morning. Happy Father’s Day! The Euros began this weekend, and England is playing Serbia in a match today. This match has received extra attention because it is being deemed as “high risk” and therefore all beer sold in the stadium will be low alcohol. For example, Bitburger is normally 4.8% alcohol, but will be served at only 2.5% alcohol in the stadium.

I have a feeling they will still be charging full price…

-Brandon Copeland

The Top 3 Lagers of 2024

This is a new series that we are launching where we dig into the Brewgr analytics to see the top beers of certain categories for the current year based on search traffic. This week, we are starting with the top 3 lagers of 2024 which all happen to be clones (no surprise there).

Can’t get more classic than a Budweiser. While it’s not my go to choice for a beer, it does hit different on a summer day at the beach. If you want to recreate this recipe, check it out here.

Credit: ShadowRayz

Heineken has such a unique taste, I feel it would be hard to duplicate. Here in America, you’d have to let it get some light pollution to accomplish the slightly skunked taste you get from Heinekens that have been shipped halfway across the world. This recipe is 10 years old and looks like a good shot at replicating this world famous beer.

Credit: acres

There are over 15 different Yuengling clones on Brewgr, but this one has risen to the top. The brewer claims that friends claim that they nailed it. I have to say, the picture does resemble a freshly poured Yuengling. If you’ve never had a Yuengling, it’s now the oldest owned American brewery in the US.

Credit: Rick-B

Don’t Like Clones?

Inevitably, clones are the most popular searches because it’s natural for people to want to brew what they find commercially. However, if you’re looking for unique lager recipes, Brewgr has thousands of unique lager recipes to inspire your next creation!

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Beer Trivia Question

🍺 What city has the most breweries in the United States?

Read to the end to find out if you're right!

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Looking to treat yourself to some new brewing equipment for Father’s day? Adventures in Homebrewing put together a list of inspiration for you, with plenty of items that are on sale to mark the occasion. Whether you're a father or not, always good to find a deal!

Brewgr Recipe of the Week

To fit the theme of the article, I had to choose a lager for the recipe of the week. This one is great for its simplicity; as long as you have a way of lagering your beer, then you can brew this beer. Just 2 grains and 1 hop, this is a great introduction into lagers.

Credit: MrBrewManOtt

Most people overwhelmingly were on board with AI assistance in brewing. Those who resisted were mostly citing the artistic, human side of brewing. While I understand this, using a few AI tools to make you brew day easier won’t take the human side out of homebrewing - it just has the potential to make your life slightly easier.

For those of you asking about how this will be rolled out, Brewgr is going through an upgrade currently where we will bring the software of the site up to .NET 8 (the migration is ALMOST finished). After this update is complete, we will start adding features that will be in premium tiers (paid membership options). This being said, everything that is currently available for free on Brewgr will continue to be free.

And the Answer Is...

🍺 If you said Chicago, you are correct. The metro area is loosely defined, but estimates are just over 200 breweries. However, if you said Portland Oregon, you could also be correct - it’s a close second at 185, and most of this data is from a couple years ago, so it really could go either way with the fluctuations in breweries nowadays.

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Happy Brewing!

- Brandon, Brew Great Beer Team

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