Homebrewing With AI - How Does It Work?

AI is a hot topic currently, but how can it make you brew better beer?

Good morning. We mentioned Anchor Brewing in a previous newsletter and how it had ceased production and was open for auction. Well, a savior finally stepped in to purchase the iconic brewer.

Billionaire Hamdi Ulukaya, the founder and CEO of Chobani, reportedly is purchasing the San Francisco brewing company for an undisclosed amount. Guess they didn’t like our bid…

-Brandon Copeland

Homebrewing With AI - How Does It Work?

AI is the hot new thing that you can’t avoid in your day to day life. Everyone is talking about it even if they know nothing about it, and doomsday scenarios that mirror science fiction are swirling daily in the news. The question is: What does AI have to do with homebrewing?

The best asset that Brewgr has is the recipe builder - it’s simple to use and you can clone one of 95,000+ existing recipes to get started with your own creation. However, you need experience, skill, and creativity to create a recipe that’s truly your own, and one that will taste good or potentially win homebrew awards.

Your future home brewery run by C3PO

Enter AI. If for instance ChatGPT was trained on all existing Brewgr recipes, as well as publicly available brewing knowledge, with a couple inputs the AI could generate any recipe from any BJCP style. If you don’t like the recipe, you just generate a new one, or you tweak the inputs and try again.

Beyond recipe creation, there could be a brewing GPT that could assist you with any questions you have during your brew day. It would be like a personal brewing assistant, just without any additional elbow grease. With the newest updates in ChatGPT, you could even talk to the AI and ask questions if you are too busy to type it out.

These are implementations that could come to Brewgr in future premium tiers - if you’d like to offer feedback, please respond to the poll below!

Should Brewgr Leverage AI?

AI Recipe Builder + AI Brewing Assistant

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Beer Trivia Question

🍺 What year did the term “India Pale Ale” first make it into print?

Read to the end to find out if you're right!

Homebrewing Equipment Deal

GrainFather is unparalleled with their track record and quality of equipment, and that is reflected in the price. That’s why it’s always good to look for a deal before purchasing, and currently you can find 20% off of all GrainFather products with a free hop spider included in the purchase. If you have been eyeing one of these for awhile, you won’t find a much better deal than this.

Brewgr Recipe of the Week

On the summer theme, it’s hard to beat the refreshment that can be found from a mango milkshake… however, brew that into a beer and it’s mission accomplished. The best part? The brewer goes by Icecreamvillain - this brewer knows a good milkshake that’s for sure.

Overwhelmingly, everyone who answered this poll and wrote in said how awesome brewing outside is. For some people, they will only brew outside with a beer in their hand sometimes by choice or because their spouse kicked them out of the kitchen. For others, they do it every once in awhile on a nice day. Those who said no either have hard piped setups, or they are worried about contamination outside.

And the Answer Is...

🍺 India Pale Ale or IPAs were famously created by English breweries in the 1760’s when they would add extra hops to their beer to safeguard them from spoilage on long seafaring journeys, including some to India. However, the term wasn’t coined until 1835 in an edition of the Liverpool Mercury.

Little did they know the legacy that article would leave 189 years later…

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Happy Brewing!

- Brandon, Brew Great Beer Team

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