Summer Days = Brewing Outside

Just as much as you enjoy drinking beer outside, you'll enjoy homebrewing beer outside even more.

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Good morning. Happy June, the unofficial start to summer. Let’s hope no one snags a beer from your hand today like how the VP of the Dallas Maverick’s ripped a beer from Luka Doncic. It’s clear who’s in charge there…

-Brandon Copeland

Summer Days = Brewing Beer Outside

I’ve always wanted to brew beer outside, but for reasons outside of my control, I’ve never been able to. When I started brewing, I was living in apartment complexes that did not allow propane burners on the balcony for fire concerns. Brew days were taking forever on my electric stovetop, and I was desperate to brew outside so that I could use a propane burner.

However, nowadays with all-in-one electric brewing units, homebrewing beer outside has never been easier. All you need is an outdoor outlet that can support your unit and a water source. Invite some friends over, crack some beers, and enjoy the weather.

Your backyard in preparation for brewing outside…

If you need some inspiration to drag your setup outside, check out Vito from MoreBeer brewing with some pro brewers outside on the Brewzilla Gen 4. It will really get you in the summer brewing spirit (if that’s a thing?)

Every year when summer rolls around, I yearn to enjoy a nice beer outside while brewing instead of being couped up inside. One day I’ll get a backyard and be able to brew outside, but in the meantime as an NYC apartment brewer, I’ll envy those who can. Happy brewing.

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Beer Trivia Question

🍺 What Canadian brewery ran an ad campaign in the mid 90’s with the slogan “If I wanted water, I would have asked for water”?

Read to the end to find out if you're right!

Brewgr Update

Our developer has been hard at work upgrading the Brewgr site code to come into the 21st century, and we are getting close to launching a .NET 8 version of the site. This will hopefully happen before the end of June and will be faster, more responsive, and will include our new branding.

Functionality will remain the same for now - once we have a solid, upgraded code base, we will begin building new features on top of that. As mentioned in a previous newsletter, the first premium tier we will begin working on is called Incognito and will most notably allow users to mark their recipes as private as well as including water chemistry calculations into each recipe.

If you have any questions or suggestions for upgrades, feel free to hit reply and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

Homebrewing Equipment Highlight

An infusion of oxygen pre-fermentation can lead to a faster, healthier conversion of starchy sugars into alcohol. Yeast need oxygen to grow - the old school method is to aggressively stir in the yeast after pitching, to introduce some oxygen to get the fermentation started.

A more nuanced way to introduce oxygen is to use an oxygen tank and a regulator like this to control the flow of oxygen into your fermenter post yeast pitch. If you’re looking to improve every part of your setup, this is a minor upgrade that could enhance your fermentations.

Brewgr Recipe of the Week

Looking for a refreshing beer to brew in time for summer? Look no further than this honey lager. Unless you’ve got a large system, you can clone and scale down the recipe to suit your needs. I would be interested to try the Barge Rouge hops from France.

I always seek out beer with my travels - whether it’s trying local beer, visiting local breweries, or reveling in finding my favorite local brews in Thailand (true story). However, I had never considered having a vacation dedicated to beer before, but after researching for last weeks newsletter, I think it’s something I would entertain. The majority of poll respondents feel the same way as well.

And the Answer Is...

🍺 Labatt Blue ran an ad campaign in the 90’s starred by Tom Cavanaugh who spoke the iconic line. If you want to see the commercial, I found it here on YouTube.

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Happy Brewing!

- Brandon, Brew Great Beer Team

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